Sunday, 8 July 2012

Boxes, boxes and more boxes

Busy busy busy over here, as usual! Preparing for my very first Trade Show (Harrogate Home & Gift) next week, I am very excited but also scared. But it does feel good, and very official, seeing my little company name on the website and in the Show Preview!

Oh, and Paper Aeroplane cards can now be bought in the lovely Pippin, on Haymarket Terrace in Edinburgh. It's a gorgeous shop with loads of great products so if you live in Edinburgh make sure you go have a look. 

I've also recevied even more things in the post recently. My studio (a.k.a bedroom) and hallway are filling up rapidly! Eek. I just have Christmas to finish, though, and I need to do a trial run of my display for Home & Gift in my kitchen, and then I will be set! Oh, and I need to stamp a lot of paper bags with my awesome new Paper Aeroplane stamp! 

In other news.... I kind of want to have a party. Hmm. Perhaps I will start planning some sort of Paper Aeroplane event in August or September... Let's see how the Trade Show goes.