Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Marching on...

Ooops, I managed to go a whole month without posting anything here! February was a funny month; because I've been starting loads of new work I spent most of my time researching and scribbling ideas and not really doing much that felt all that productive. Still, I really need time like that to think properly and for my brain process all my ideas and research, in order to come up with new work which is well-developed and considered. Anyway, I'm still sort of at this stage and I'm just doing a lot of random drawing and lettering.... I have lots of bits to pull together! I'm really excited about the things I have to add to my existing range to make it even bigger and better.

I'm also very excited about the onset of Spring! I wore shoes the other day instead of boots! And I've got my window wide open today, and the sun was pouring through onto my desk this morning. Glorious!