Friday, 3 May 2013

Popping Up!

Hello! It's been a wee while since my last post because I've been busy beavering away on loads of brand new designs (that's one of them pictured above..), as well as a super exciting project for Paper Aeroplane's First Birthday, in the shape of a Pop-Up Shop! With three weeks to go until the opening, there's lots of work still to do but it's really exciting seeing everything coming together! I'm working in collaboration with Amy Dolan from Ziggy Sawdust, an Edinburgh-based retro furniture upcycling business! I contacted Amy after seeing her feature over on Future Positive, and thought our work would look wonderful together. Turns out we make excellent sort-of business partners too! I'm going to write a big blog-post all about her and work soon. Anyway. We've been super busy planning, organising, sign-painting and pinterest-ing and can't wait to see everything in the space we've got. If you're so inclined, you can 'like' our joint Facebook page, Ziggy Aeroplane, for all the latest updates and clues as to what we're planning for our displays! Oh, and I should probably mention the details - we're going to be having it at Whitespace, 11 Gayfield Square, Edinburgh, from the 25th to 29th May!

We've also launched our project over on Kickstarter - have a look here! We made a little video too with the help of my wonderful friends Jess and Nikki, and my fella Tim made the music especially for us. If you didn't know already, Kickstarter is a website which helps creative people launch creative projects... with the help and support from people who would like to see the idea succeed. If you've got a spare moment, have a wee read about what we'd like to achieve & watch our video, and if you can pledge a little something to help us reach our goal, not only will we be forever grateful, but we will also send you a pretty special reward to say thank-you! So it's a win, win!

Me and Amy during our video shoot

More on my new designs and my collaboration with Amy and other exciting stuff next week!