Wednesday, 31 October 2012

new to New Zealand!

I'm delighted to finally share the news that I have a stockist all the way across the world in New Zealand at Hello Paper. I am very excited! It's lovely to see my cards in amongst all of their beautiful products. In other news, I'm busy working away on some brand new designs... more on that later!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

we had a party!

This is completely un-related to work... but thought I would share some pictures of our Halloween Housewarming party we threw at the weekend! My friends are amazing.  It was so much fun and we want to throw another!

this is the first pumpkin I've ever carved... we named him Louis
We made some silly cupcakes

pretty good spread..

Morag dressed as Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords dressed as a robot
Helen dressed as a Hobbit complete with Lembas Bread
Mairi as Mrs Doubtfire

Jess the Calavera and me as Marty McFly...

Oh, and we didn't just stand out in the hallway with all the lights on.... we just took most of the pictures there...

Friday, 26 October 2012



Hooray I started some brand new designs! Well I started them a while ago but finally started painting and doing some lettering. Lots to do but it's OK, starting to get things on paper is the most difficult bit! Excited to see how things progress....

painted letters

Got a couple of new stockists this week and I'll tell you all about them pretty soon, as well as some Christmassy events I have planned for November and December! Christmas madness has begun already.

Here are some (very grainy) instagram photos from this week.


foggy Edinburgh


Thursday, 18 October 2012


 SO, it's been a couple of weeks since posting anything... But I promise I have been busy, but just busy doing things that I either can't really show here yet or doing things that don't look very nice (like accounts and writing in notebooks and thinking A LOT). I'll hopefully have some interesting things to show next week when I will (yes, I WILL) have done some drawings for new designs and perhaps some firmer plans for the near future! I've also got some winter/Christmas things to write about too, but it's a wee bit too soon for them. For now, here's some pictures of some flowers I bought today.

Sunny desk

Oh.. in other news I've also got myself an Instagram account.... which means I've been photographing everything in sight (with the crappest camera EVER on my ipod.. so if you follow me there apologies for the rubbish fuzzy photos) and thinking how much nicer it would look with those super-instragrammy-blurry-edges.....

Friday, 5 October 2012


October, you're very cold. But, I actually love it and am excited about the rest of Autumn and Winter because I love wearing cosy clothes! And it'll be my birthday on December 24th... I think that's maybe why I like Winter! Anyway. I have so many ideas whirring around my head for brand new card designs and brand new products. It's all very exciting in there. Just need to get some things down on paper....

In other news, my Christmas range has landed in my online shop! Already. But hey, better to be organised, right? 

I'm heading to Glasgow now to visit my bestie and to go see Shonen Knife! Very, very excited!