Monday, 6 August 2012


 Goodness, I have become a terrible blog-writer! I guess things like Facebook and Twitter make it easier to post really quick updates which make the things I put in my blog posts old news. Anyway... I can't quite believe it's August already! I've kinda been taking it easy over the last few weeks - after I came back from the trade show (pictured above) I realised how much work I had been doing and thought I need to take a step back and try to relax a little! But, in the last few weeks I've gained some wonderful stockists, and Paper Aeroplane cards are now available south of the border, in Room No. 9 in Leighton Buzzard and The Whitby Bookshop (in Whitby, obviously). Closer to home (in Edinburgh), Cloudberry Gifts and The Red Door Gallery now stock Paper Aeroplane products too! So, besides making more cards & prints, finishing a couple of commissions and finally sorting out the website, I need to plan my next move.... which will be geared more towards bespoke stationery I think.

In other news, I'll be moving house at the end of September, and therefore moving studio too! I totally love moving house and can't wait to get everything organised (and buy some more new mugs and glasses that I don't need) and to get a much bigger studio space in the corner of my new bedroom.... Although not looking forward to moving from a top floor flat to another top floor flat... It'll be FIIIINE!

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