Sunday, 23 September 2012


So, as I have mentioned a million times, I've just moved house. Everything (bar a couple of boxes which are filled with cards and envelopes!) is unpacked and put away neatly and my flatmate and I totally love our new place. We have a lovely cosy gas fire in the living room, nice comfy sofas, a sweet galley kitchen with double doors (perhaps my favourite feature in the whole place..), and we have lovely big bedrooms with ridiculously comfortable beds. We decided not to get a TV, and we'll see how long that lasts. So far it's been really nice and peaceful without one. I also bought myself a massive corner-desk, which juuuuust fits into a lovely sunny corner in my bedroom. I've got it all very neatly laid out and I hope I can keep it that way... I love having a new workspace; it feels good to refresh and get everything organised. It's also so nice to have much more space! In my last flat there was about a foot of space inbetween all my furniture... I actually have floor-space now! Yeah! Now everything's sorted I can finally get going with some work and developing the business. This afternoon I'm going to start making a tree out of cardboard. More on that tomorrow.

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